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Immunoactivating Micro Bubble Generator

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Due to the rapid industrialization and environmental degradation, the lives of human beings are seriously threatened these days. People are becoming more cautious about their health problems and spending hundreds of dollars every year on newly developed drugs and technologies that could minimize their health problems. We predicted this trend many years ago and dedicated ourselves to finding the ultimate solution to the problem. As a result, we have been contributing to the society by developing our immunoactivating micro bubble technologies.

Our immunoactivating micro bubble bath device is equipped with the most advanced micro-technology which generates ultrafine bubbles only with water and air. It produces ultra high heat energy and pressure instantly during the process of formation and destruction of the bubbles. This will release healthy thermal ultrasonic waves and massive amount of anions. This could highly help not only keeping our body temperature warm but also enhancing metabolism, improving blood circulation and strengthening immunity.

Since 2006, we have been accumulating our own technology, know-how and experience in this field. We are constantly developing various types of micro bubble devices such as bath and chair built-in type, foot and hand type and so on. Most of our products are in the finishing stage and preparing to launch on the healthcare market.

Recently, we have successfully started to sell them in a few overseas markets including Japan where is the origin of micro bubble bath devices.

Importance of Anion
Almost everyone who visited water falls, fountains or mountains may have experienced feeling of refreshment because the surrounding air of those areas has plentiful anions. Simply speaking, an ion is a small electric substance floating in the air. Among these ions, the positive electric one is called cation which is created with a positive-ion, and the negative electric one is called anion which is constructed with a negativeion. These two opposite ions interact with each other and produce a variety of substances. In case of a waterfall, when the water drops fall and scatter over the rocks, they get positively charged while the air around them is negatively charged. In short, a waterfall is like an 'anion manufactory' that naturally produces considerable amount of anions.

  1. Anion and active oxygen
    Active oxygen is necessary for protecting us from harmful viruses but its proper amount is exceeded nowadays, so it attacks healthy cells and causes health problems. An anion neutralizes this strong and toxic active oxygen. Anions that people absorb through skin, respiratory or digestive system are delivered to the whole body through blood. They detoxify the excessive active oxygen inside your body by giving away electrons to cells.
  2. Anion and body fluids
    Human body functions the most effectively when their body fluids are low-alkaline around pH 7.4. In the low-alkaline state, the immune system is enhanced, the calcium balance is recovered. On the other way around, when the body fluids get acidified, internal organs do not function well and their metabolism is slowed down. Anion can prevent acidification of human body caused by active oxygen and alkalify the body fluids through maintaining the best condition.
  3. Anion and breathing air
    Living in the modern society, it is inevitable to breathe in the filthy air in most places. The floating pollutants make the air positively charged. When the positively charged air is absorbed in your body, it causes every kind of malfunctions of the body cells by weakening the nutrient absorption and wastes excretion cycle. An anion neutralizes and purifies the air by sticking to a cation of the polluted air. It makes the air as fresh as that of forest and waterfall.

Introduction of Micro Bubble
Our immunoactivating bath device releases micro bubbles generated by pressurizing water and air. The bubble, only 0.5 (1/10,000mm) in diameter, repeats a chain reaction of compression and explosion in an instant of 1micro second (1/1,000,000). Micro bubble rises slowly up to the water surface and bursts. When it bursts, it releases 4,000 to 6,000 of heat energy, oxygen, ultrasonic waves and massive amount of anions.

  1. Discovery of micro bubble

    Micro bubble was found and introduced in Japan in 1999. Prof. Oonari of tertiary college in Dokuyama in Japan has made a big success in the application of micro bubbles to an oyster farm damaged by red tide in 1999. Oysters that were about to dead due to the anoxia revived anew dramatically. After the case, Japanese broadcast NHK has been reporting the concept and effects of micro bubbles in various aspects.

  2. Characteristics of micro bubble

    1) Anion
    Micro bubbles are known as to produce anions 10 times more than that of forests and waterfalls. According to our research, our immunoactivating bath device is capable of generating approximately 100 to 120 times much higher number of anions than a regular waterfall.
    2) Oxygen
    Micro bubbles contain a lot of dissolved oxygen so the oxygen can be delivered to the skin well with the tiny bubbles. Millions of oxygen penetrates into small pores supplying fresh oxygen and grab the dirt inside the pores and clean it thoroughly.
    3) Heat energy
    Self-pressurization effect occurs due to the strength of surface tension when compressing air inside the bubble with spherical interface. On this occasion, the temperature inside the bubble momentarily goes up to 5,500 equal to the temperature of the solar surface. This heat energy warms up your inner body with the microscopic sized bubbles.
    4) Ultrasonic waves
    By the high surface tension and the force of micro bubble itself to return to its original form, inside pressure of a micro bubble goes up and makes numberless oscillation when it bursts. The oscillation generated from micro bubbles of ultra high pressure gently stimulates the entire body.

Micro Bubble Producing Process

  • Take in the bath water through intake nozzle.
  • Pressurize and dissolve air into the water with high pressure.
  • Spurt out ultrafine oxygen bubbles of high density back into the bathtub.
  • The color of the bath water changes to white with this continuous cycle.

Effects of Micro Bubble

  1. Improving blood circulation
    As thousands of micro bubbles explode every second, each bubble releases about 4,000 to 6,000 of heat energy. This will improve your blood circulation by expanding blood vessels.
  2. Strengthening immune system
    As the amount of anion increases in the body, the resistances to various kinds of health threatening diseases and self-healing capacity are enhanced.
  3. Activating cell function
    The human body consists of more than 60 trillions of cells. Electric exchange and increase of oxygen in the body stimulate the provision of nutriments into a cell and the excretion of waste out of the cell.
  4. Enhance metabolism
    As the amount of anion in our body increases, the metabolism of cell is consequently improved and inorganic matters like calcium increases as well.
  5. Improving function of heart
    Power to carry oxygen in the body is called aerobic capacity, and it is closely related to the amount of oxygen intake. If oxygen supply is sufficient, aerobic capacity gets better and lots of energy can be generated. Plentiful oxygen also improves cardiopulmonary and heart function in terms of the heart rate and
    stroke volume.
Product Name
Model Number
Dimension (mm)
407(W) X 259(D) X 360(H)
Net Weight
18 Kg
Power Input
850W, AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Method of Supplying Water
By Pump
Maximum Allowable Pressure
0.5~7.0 Kgf/cm2
Control of Water Flow
Solenoid Valve


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