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Industrial Immunoactivating Water System

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Industrial Immunoactivating Water System

DM BIO Immunoactivating Bio Water 

All living cells require oxygen and nutrition through blood delivered by water and the water is deeply involved in metabolism with circulatory, digestive and neurology systems.

DM BIO immunoactivating bio water upgraded by our own special lters is not the universal medicine, but it is proven to activate the function of cells, organs and the whole body of the living creatures through penetrating into the cells, circulating, and releasing the body wastes with its extremely small molecules by various animal and sh clinical tests which have done by Pukyong National University in Korea.

It stimulates the cells of living organs to recover their intrinsic functions and to go back to the primary levels of their physiological activities. If the physiological activity can be maintained at the maximum or optimum state, there will be no symptom of disease to be taken care of.

In other words, DM BIO immunoactivating bio water activates the immune system of the cells and organs of all the living creatures and helps them to protect themselves from the foreigner's invasion and keep them healthy without any diseases.

DM BIO Immunoactivating Bio Water
Unique Purifying Process

DM BIO immunoactivating bio water purifying process is unique and natural without any water waste and electricity and it is totally dierent from reverse osmotic pressure type which eliminates all kinds of benecial minerals and electrolysis type which produces strong alkaline water articially. Our own patented bio cartridge with various extracted and processed minerals and gems generates weak alkaline bio energy water which is very good for all
the living creatures including human beings and environment.

  1. Sediment Filter: Eliminate rust and oating impurities
  2. Pre Carbon Filter: Eliminate chlorine and impurities
  3. Bio Cartridge: Improve water molecules and make weak alkali water by radiating far infrared ray
  4. Silver Carbon Filter: Remove odor and bacteria and activate water

Big Immunoactivating Water Systems Series
Big immunoactivating water systems series is for the drinking water supply to public places, residential complex, small villiages, stockbreeding as well as cultivation of plant.

Model Number
GENEWELL-400 series
Size (mm)
1010(W) X 455(D) X 810(H)
Net Weight
Maximum Capacity
1.5 Tons per Hour
Minimum Pressure
For Use
Industrial Use